All Record of Ragnarok Fights in Order

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Record of Ragnarok is still going strong since 2017, with electrifying fights and some crazy matchups. The stakes for mankind have seemingly never been higher, with their very existence being decided to depend on if they can defeat actual gods in mortal combat. The odds seem stacked against them, but thanks to Brunhilde’s schemes and her fellow valkyries’ Volund weapons, mankind is given a fighting chance. There have so far been 8 rounds of the potential 13 in the series, with each of these fights in Record of Ragnarok being a surprising and intense bout full of shock and awe.

Every Record of Ragnarok Round: All Fights in Order

While round 8 is coming to a close in Record of Ragnarok, there have been some pretty spectacular fights with surprising finishes so far. Despite all of these humans, or Einherjar, being distinctly mortal, their talents and motivations along with Volund have given them a special edge in each fight.

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As you can probably guess, since one side needs to claim 7 victories to win the tournament and even round 8 won’t determine the winning side just yet, humanity has clinched a few wins so far. We won’t spoil it in this piece but you’re welcome to check out the full list of winners and losers from each round. Listed below are each of the fights so far:

  • Round 1: Thor vs. Lü Bu
  • Round 2: Zeus vs. Adam
  • Round 3: Poseidon vs. Kojiro Sasaki
  • Round 4: Heracles vs. Jack the Ripper
  • Round 5: Shiva vs. Raiden Tameemon
  • Round 6: Zerofuku/Hajun vs. Buddha
  • Round 7: Hades vs. Qin Shi Huang
  • Round 8: Beelzebub vs. Nikola Tesla
  • Round 9: Apollo vs. Leonidas
  • Round 10-13: TBD

Contestants in Future Record of Ragnarok Fights

Aside from these characters, there are still several combatants on each side who have yet to feature, such as the gods:

  • Anubis
  • Loki
  • Odin
  • Susano’o no Mikoto

For the humans, there are still some mighty challengers remaining, and even some other teased human legends who have yet to factor in:

  • Grigori Rasputin
  • Michel Nostradamus
  • Sakata Kintoki
  • Simo Häyhä
  • Soji Okita

Layouts have shifted even since the start of the series. For instance, Buddha went from the gods’ side to that of the Einherjar, and with great effect. It’s fun to speculate on who will be pitted against whom, with characters like Simo Häyhä known for his unmatched marksmanship, or Loki’s trickery which is sure to make for an interesting fight. And of course, in a fight to the death, Rasputin will be a match to watch closely.

– This article was updated on May 25th, 2023

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